So it’s almost your big day, and you want everything to be smooth sailing. Well we’ve got 11 wedding hacks, tips and tricks to keep you on point and pretty on your wedding day. Some of these may be a repeat, but we bet there’s a few you’ve never heard before. Keep reading to find out!

1. Let your dress breathe.

Pull it out of the bag the week of the wedding and let the layers between the tulle breathe.


2. Break in your dancing shoes.

. Are you familiar with the thick socks + a blow dryer trick? Or the freeze ‘em and reheat ‘em trick?


3. Go braless. 

Yep, that’s right, we’re major creepers! Just kidding 😉 … The morning of your wedding day, we recommend your squad forgoes wearing anything that will cause deep indents or marks on the skin, like pesky bra straps.


4. Dry off your bouquet stems.

You’ll probably forget this one, but it’s especially important for your bridesmaids depending on the color of their dress. When your ladies pick up their wet bouquets from the vases, likely RIGHT BEFORE it’s time for the photographer to take photos, the stems will drip water leaving wet marks on their dresses until they dry. Is it the end of the world? No. Can it be prevented, though? Absolutely.


5. Blooms to belly button.

What are we talking about? When you hold your bouquet, it will feel most natural and comfortable to hold it up high on your chest, almost like a microphone. Well, depending on the arrangement, can you imagine how silly this could look in photos? So what do we tell our brides? “Blooms to belly buttons” … Or if you prefer our PG-13 version, “Blooms to hips, not tits”.


6. Hydrate the day before your wedding.

So you’re not running to the restroom during big important moments. In fact, make hydration a priority the week of your wedding and get your skin glowing.


7. Test your signature wedding scent.

How do you want to smell on your big day as all your friends and family are giving you big hugs? Phenomenal, of course! If you’re splurging for a new signature fragrance (Tom Ford scents are our FAV), be sure to test it on your skin (not just your clothing) before your wedding day. AKA, don’t wear it for the first time on your wedding day. This may sound strange, but there’s a possibility you could break out in a rash.


8. Powder between your thighs.

As we’re sure you know, Texas is hot, and wearing a long gown doesn’t make the situation any better.


9. Veil weights.

Not easy to find, but SO necessary, especially if you’re getting married in the Texas Hill Country or on Lake Travis. Anything over 5mph winds will fly your wedding veil like a kite, if you know what we mean.


10. Pack cute + comfy shoes.

So you can wear those hot pumps while you strut down the aisle and take wedding portraits and then change into something comfier for dinner + dancing. (plus, heels are great for boosting the hinny).


11. Practice going to the restroom in your dress.

And practice trying before your wedding day. Before you actually have to wear your dress for real!