What’s it like to partner with Blue Sparrow Events for our full planning services?

  • Lots of laughs, smiles, tingly-warm feelings and sometimes so much excitement you may want to screech, or do a happy dance, or jump up and down (or whatever you do when you get excited).
  • Total transparency. You’ll have the information and details needed to fully understand how your wedding day will unfold, with the power to make tweaks best suited for your vision. AKA – we’ll provide you with timelines, checklists, shopping lists and due dates to keep BOTH of us on track. We also pass along all industry and vendor discounts to you, because we’re cool like that (and that’s just how it should be)!
  • Raw, real and emotional, in a really good way. We’ll hug when we see each other, we’ll share details about our personal lives, we’ll have happy hour (or lunch) dates (not meetings), and when we finally watch you walk down the aisle, there’s a good chance we’ll tear up too.
  • Comfortable and natural, like we’ve known each other for years. Your wedding is personal, intimate and romantic because it’s all about your relationship and two families coming together. Sometimes it’s not easy to open up about relationship struggles or family drama, but trust us, we get it. Nobody’s perfect or family is perfect, not ours, not even the jones’. Plus, I promise we’ve heard worse (but our lips are sealed).
  • Productive and accomplishing, like you’re reaching new goals (because you totally will be)! Based on your wedding style, vision and budget we’ll recommend 2-3 vendors in each category. Empowering you to book great vendors, that fit your personality, will make you feel confident in your wedding dream team.
  • Moments enjoyed, and tension diffused. Will you still feel wedding related stress and anxiety? Yes, absolutely, this is your wedding day we’re talking about! However, anytime you feel anxious or uneasy, just know we’re always here for you. We’re on top of every detail and all the behind the scenes logistics. We always have your best interest at heart, and we often make suggestions with logic, but also with our professional experience in mind, because we want nothing but the best for you on your wedding day. Pinky swear.

Pricing varies based on wedding date, location, guest count, logistics and décor installations.

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