With the fall upon us, comes another busy wedding season. While I know we’re all super excited to be thriving in the thick of the busy season, I also wanted to take some proactive steps to ensure we’re prepared and ready for just about anything life may throw at us, either personal or professional!


Declutter, Organize + Deep Clean

 A cluttered space, office or home can create a serious drain on our mental energy and cause hidden anxiety. As someone who works from home (*cough* a 750 sq ft. apt), I am only footsteps away from my kitchen, dining room, office, and bedroom. i.e. if one area is messy or in disarray, it impacts the whole space.

Over the past year, I’ve worked to thin out and get rid of anything not serving me purpose. This past summer, I did a final purge before heading into our busy fall season and was shocked to see I was able to fill three big boxes to be donated.

In tandem with decluttering comes cleaning and organizing. I reevaluated a few systems within my home to make locating anything I need more simple and easy; aka, it’s all got a place. When life gets busy, the last thing I want to do is waste time searching for a box of staples or my favorite earrings.

The final key to creating a more livable and harmonious space was a good deep cleaning. I deep cleaned those things that only get cleaned once or twice a year. That means the baseboards, ceiling fans, bathroom grout, refrigerator and all the little nooks and crannies that collect grime are now dirt-free. Hallelujah to a happy home.


Tune-Up and Tidy Your Car

Knowing the busy season means I’ll be doing tons of traveling for client meetings, venue site visits, and wedding days (sometimes as far as Fredericksburg) means I need my car in tip-top shape! I prepped her for lots of road trips with a fresh oil change, new windshield wipers, an interior deep clean and an emergency kit refresh.

Just like our home, our car collects “things”, most of which amount to junk and can be thrown away. However, I always keep jumper cables, a blanket, extension cords, bungee cords and a mini first aid kit in the trunk, just in case!

PRO TIP: I recently started carrying my massive box of 250 business cards in my car. They don’t serve me any purpose sitting in a drawer at home when I’m out at a networking event.


Stock Up at Home

Life is about to be busy enough, the last thing I need to put me over the edge is running out of laundry detergent when I need to throw a load in the washer, am I right? While deep cleaning and organizing, I made sure to keep a notepad nearby to make a restock list of anything running low.

I’m a huge proponent of buying in bulk or in packs so I’ve always got a backup tube of toothpaste, bottle of contact solution, band-aids and lightbulbs on hand.

Other items I added to my list included new socks, black pantyhose (because snags can happen so easily) and fresh bed pillows. It feels so good knowing I don’t have to worry about running out of anything for a solid 4-6 months.

Outsource Tasks

My goal isn’t to do everything alone and burn myself out. I’m thrilled to have some solid experts on my team to outsource tasks and take a few things off my plate. In turn, I’m able to focus on doing and creating things that serve our clients better.

A few tasks I outsource include anything website design related, our email newsletter design and MailChimp management, wedding day script creation and other tasks that require hard skills.


Schedule ALL The Things

With numerous deadlines, meetings and to-do’s, I couldn’t possibly be able to keep track without my handy dandy Google calendar. I’ve not only got a million and one meetings (exaggerating), but am managing multiple weddings and clients. Through putting systems to work, I know which weeks I’ll have wedding finishing steps in production.

I’m a huge proponent of blocking time in my schedule to work on tasks and produce, rather than flying by the seat of my pants from one minute to the next.

Say No

I get emails every week asking to grab coffee” or “meet-up”, along with plenty of industry-related events and parties. If looking at my calendar that week or the following week gives me a gut feeling to say no, I follow that gut instinct.

I may see I have availability on my calendar, but I know that time will be filled up with answering emails, writing blogs, business strategy, client care, and wedding-related tasks.

I’m not willing to put myself in the position of being unable to accomplish my list of priorities because I’m saying yes to too many things.  Ultimately saying yes to others can mean saying no to myself and my priorities.


Value Self Care and “Me” Time

I have a trick that helps me to put down my computer and sign out from work at the end of every day. That trick is bootcamp. By taking evening bootcamp classes between 5-7p, I’m required to stop working, throw my gym clothes on and head out the door.

By the time I get home from the gym, it’s late and I’m exhausted. I’ll take a quick shower, make some dinner, read a few chapters in the current book I’m reading and by 10 pm, it’s pretty much lights out.


How are you preparing for a busy season of life? Share your tips in the comments below!