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The name’s Vanna. AKA ‘Vanna the Planna’. I’m an organization queen, knowledge-seeker, advice-giver and a natural planner at heart. Most days you’ll find me in a comfy oversized shirt, slippers on my feet, unkempt hair, and a favorite coffee mug (just out of reach) from my growing collection. But you’ll never catch me dead in public looking like that. This girl gets dressed up to go grocery shopping; after all, I never know where I might meet my husband one day!

So what’s it like to work together? I believe in collaboration and brainstorming sessions, usually over cocktails and appetizers. I think you’re smart and savvy and I want to hear about your ideas to help curate a more unique and personal wedding day. When the day of your wedding finally arrives, I might get a little emotional when I watch you walk down the aisle. After all, we’ve been planning your BIG DAY together for months + months; it’s a really bittersweet feeling.

When I’m not planning weddings, you can find me at happy hour, probably sipping on a martini (extra dirty, please). Or at bootcamp, attempting to burn off the calories from last weekend’s wedding cake (because I’m a cake snob and I ALWAYS have to taste the cake).

Born and raised in the Dairyland state of Wisconsin; I’m a total midwest gal at heart (please pardon my long aye’s and hard oh’s). After graduating from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh with a double BBA in marketing and supply chain management, I was SO over the cold, snowy winters. I yearned for sunshine, hot weather, and big-city living. I’ve lived in Austin, TX since 2014 and continue to fall madly in love with this city.

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