As your partner in planning, we make the experience exciting, fun and creative

You’re edgy, stylish, sophisticated, and now ENGAGED to the love of your life! You’re also one smart cookie. You understand how much time, energy, and resources it takes to plan a wedding. You may have even gotten a jump-start on finding a venue and booking your date. Now where do you go? Who do you book next? Who’s the right fit for you?

So you’re ready to lock down a trusty partner in planning? You’re likely looking for someone who will make your wedding goals their priority, and who will keep you on track and in check (because procrastination can be a serious problem).

You’re also looking for someone who feels like a friend; you trust them entirely, they always have your back and give you great advice.

Well, girlfriend, you are in the right place.

Full + Partial Planning

You’ve got the gorgeous sparkling ring, and the sweetest man too, but now where do you go from here? Maybe you’ve picked a date and booked a venue, or maybe you’re struggling to choose from the 400+ venues in Austin. Trust us, we get it. You’re a busy lady, and wedding planning takes time and energy. Either way, we’ll catch you up to speed.

Our team is hands-on and here to help guide you in curating the wedding of your dreams. Take advantage of our wedding experience, industry knowledge and design expertise. Let’s create the BIG DAY you deserve, because let’s be honest, you’re competely worth it!

Wedding Day Management

You’re a planner at heart and also a woman who knows what she wants. You’ve laid the foundation for your overall day, but need help tying up loose-ends and pulling it all together. We meet 6 weeks before your wedding day to create a custom wedding day plan and ensure all bases are covered. We compile all necessary information into one pretty packet, handle all the back-end logistics and become the point-of-contact for vendors.

Want to sip champagne the morning of your wedding day with your bridal squad? Then this service is absolutely for you.


When we’re there to keep you on schedule with wedding planning, it’s that much easier for you to focus at work, enjoy your social life, prioritize your health, and rest more peacefully at night.

An added bonus? You actually cherish your brief time together as an engaged couple.