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Our Process

Let’s face it, you like to be prepared and know what to expect; after all, this is your wedding day we’re talking about! So how does this whole thing work? What does a wedding planner do, exactly?

Our mission is to work cohesively with your vendors to string all the big + small details together, ultimately curating the best version of your dream wedding.

 Please note: our planning process varries slightly based on our level of involvement.


first date

Once you’ve developed a little wedding planner crush on us (blush!), the first step is to fill out our inquiry form. From there, we’ll set up a brief, no-strings-attached chat to discuss your wedding goals and how we can help. This gives each of us an opportunity to feel out the chemistry and make sure we’re a match made in heaven.


we always follow-up

Within 24–36 hours you can expect a custom proposal that encompasses your unique wedding needs. Once you’ve chosen to say ‘yes’, we’ll request a 50% deposit to reserve your BIG DAY in our little black book.


mapping out our courtship

After we become official, you’ll receive a custom wedding planning timeline for milestone items to keep us both on track. We’ll then get more intimate with your wedding vision by connecting on Pinterest.


falling in love…with your wedding

Here’s where the real fun begins! We’ll start developing your dream-team of vendors to fit your vision, expectations and budget. You’ll notice how things will start to fall into place and you’ll get a better picture of what your day will look like.


beauty is more than skin deep

You’ll be relaxed and sipping champagne on your wedding day, while we’re handling all the logistics. With the Blue Sparrow Events planning method in full effect, your day will run like a well-oiled machine (or as close as possible).


the icing on the cake

Lastly, we want to hear about your favorite wedding day memories, what your friends and family can’t stop raving about and how amazing your honeymoon was. Within 2-4 weeks of the wedding we’ll plan a little phone date to chat about all the ‘hot gossip.’


When we’re there to keep you on schedule with wedding planning, it’s that much easier for you to focus at work, enjoy your social life, prioritize your health, and rest more peacefully at night.


An added bonus? You actually cherish your brief time together as an engaged couple. 

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