Planning, Coordination and Styling for modern + romantic weddings in Central Texas

Hey friend, can I ask you something?  Do you know that warm, tingly feeling you get inside when you’re happy or excited?  Can you think of the last time someone gave you the feel-good goosebumps? (you know, the kind that made the little hairs on your arm stand up, but in a good way?)

Well we get those fuzzy feelings ALL the time, and they are absoutely addicting. Those happy feelings make wedding planning feel like the best job in the entire world. Over here, we’re kind of hopeless romantics, and when you share your love stories with us, (like the how you two met, how he popped the question and what you love most about eachother) you actually make US feel like the luckiest ladies in the world.

We consider it an honor when you open up your hearts, your stories and your families to us. We consider it an even greater honor to help you plan your wedding day. And that may sound cheesey, but we’re super serious!

So now you may be wondering who is Blue Sparrow Events?  We’re creative thinkers, big visionaries, and we make it all happen with an action plan. We’re on a mission to make a big impact on weddings here in Texas.

Kind of crushing on us? Maybe just a little bit?

Our Services

As your partner in planning, we’re here to guide you in the right direction and keep you on schedule.

Meet the Team

We’re trendsetters, style-mavens, visionaries and hopeless romantics.
We bring ideas to life.

Our Process

You are savvy, sophisticated and stylish.
Your planning experience should be one worth sharing and celebrating.




When we’re there to keep you on schedule with wedding planning, it’s that much easier for you to focus at work, enjoy your social life, prioritize your health, and rest more peacefully at night.


An added bonus? You actually cherish your brief time together as an engaged couple.